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GRC Corbel

Picture 1

The first picture shows how the stone arrived at our workshop (in two rubble sacks and a bucket). This was spread out on the bench like an exploded model for us to assess.

Picture 2

After removing the paint, we glued the pieces back together with the help of a photograph showing the stone in its original shape.

Picture 3

The stone then had a kind of ‘fill in the blanks’ moment as we tried to fill in the missing enrichment’s.

Picture 4

Several layers of silicone rubber were then applied. We used a number of pretty colours for the different layers but there is a good reason behind it. Applying a different colour onto each dried layer is a good indication of where you have been and where you are going with the next application.

Picture 5

We managed to persuade the client that, as the stone would not be structural a light weight option would be preferable for ease of fixing, due to its size. An agreement was made and the piece was produced in a beautiful white marble GRC that sparkled in the sunlight.

Sadly, the corbel was always to be decorated, so now sits under a shroud of Magnolia exterior gloss, hiding its finish in the brilliant GRC to the world.