The heart of the Artificial Stone Company will always be with the restoration of old buildings. There is something very satisfying in removing many layers and sometimes centuries of old paint, and seeing the cross sections of colour that have decorated it through time. We then take on the renovation side of the business, where a lot of the stone we replace was originally made from materials including Roman cement – which has finally failed after hundreds of years, or soft Bath stone, eroded with age and weathering.

There are now cases where relatively modern buildings are requiring renovation due to failing iron frames or rusting re-enforcement, including two of our recent projects, Asia House in the City and the National Theatre on the South Bank. In our replacement units we can provide modern day equivalents with more robust ingredients such as stainless steel or “Rock bar” – a high strength, non-corrosive product stronger than high tensile steel. Rock bar is formed from ground up basalt mixed with resin and strands to produce long re-enforcement rods that, although many times stronger, resemble mild steel.