Wimpole Street 5

Wimpole Street Project

We were very pleased to produce replacement “cold cast” (as opposed to original kiln fired) units for this restoration in lush pink terracotta. With this project along with many others, it is the mould making that needs to be the most fastidious and precise part of the manufacturing process, as these units need to line […]

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Lighthouse 2 (2)

The Lighthouse Building, Kings Cross Project

On one of London’s busiest traffic islands outside Kings Cross Station, stood a once beautiful building, known as the Lighthouse Building, sadly fallen into dereliction. For years it had been an eyesore left to ruin, providing a home for hundreds of pigeons and many unruly buddleia trees. In the summer of 2015 (as part of […]

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Asia House 4

Asia House Project

In the heart of London’s financial district of steel and glass there is an occasional gem. Just behind the “Walkie Talkie” and not as far as the Gherkin sits the now gleaming white Asia House. The iron framed building, clad with white glazed terracotta, or faience, badly needed repairs to its rusting skeleton. From the […]

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Fitzroy Place 2

Fitzroy Place Project

On the site of the old Middlesex Hospital, a massive residential development has arisen. However, in keeping with conservation, the Radium wing facade on Nassau Street was retained. The structure comprised of red brick and orange terracotta units, many of which had suffered fractures and damage over the years and were in need of replacement. […]

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Nest Hotel Project

For this derelict hotel in Bayswater we produced the square type balustrading, in the form of plinth, bottle and coping.  We also supplied wreaths and moulded window surrounds to imitate the original stucco.

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Eaton Square Project

At this project we took squeezes (silicone rubber moulds) of the fruit swags and large corbels, then returned them to site, restored and remade for fixing next to the existing décor.

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Highgate School Project

At the top of Highgate hill sits the very exposed Highgate school, upon which the pretty terracotta pierced balustrade around the roof of the chapel, had deteriorated  to such a degree that replacement was the only option.  With recently learned techniques and more versatile materials, we were able to construct a mould of very thin […]

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Belgrave Square Project

After the  German embassy project, we were asked to restore and replace this dangerously failing urn, on the other side of the square. Several futile attempts had been made in the past by others to shore up this item but in the end the only sensible thing to do was to remove it. It was, […]

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German Embassy 1

German Embassy Project

ASC ltd. recently finished works at the German Embassy comprising of many different types of products. From the parapet down we made ornamental urns, copings and balustrade, freize course, lion’s heads, Corinthian capitols and decorative pinnacles on the front portico.

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Caledonian Road, Date Plaque Project

The 1874 date stone was delivered to our workshop in no less than 20 pieces,  representing a large decaying  jigsaw puzzle.  All of these elements were painstakingly glued back together and restored in order to be coated in several layers of silicone rubber, then a strong Jesmonite backing structure was applied. New moulds were made […]

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Savoy Hotel London Project

In 2007 the iconic Savoy hotel closed it’s doors for a total renovation.  ASC ltd. were given the task of manufacturing new brown terracotta windows surrounds for an extension of the building.  The windows had to match the existing and were given a “soot wash” – a black wash of dye to make them look […]

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Queens Anne’s Gate Project

Along both Georgian terraces of Queens Anne’s gate, every brick window head contains an individual demonic face carved into the keystone.  Cut hundred of years ago from soft bathstone, the 18 faces we were commissioned to replace  had suffered beyond recognition.  ASC ltd. took one silicone mould from each face and restored them in our […]

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Hadlow Tower Project

After the significant funds were raised via “ Save Hadlow Tower  Action Group”, Heritage lottery funding and generous locals the derelict folly, built in  the 1840’s, was to be restored to its former glory. Working alongside carvers and designers , ASC ltd.replaced all of the missing enrichments and also along with flowers, leaves and spirilettes, […]

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Kenwood House Project

The square acanthus leaved capitols at the top of Robert  Adam’s  Kenwood house were failing from iron corrosion, ASC ltd. were asked to take a silicone rubber mould of one, cast in plaster and  fully restore then re-mould. This also included several variations of the pilaster capitol including half, three quarter and full corner units. […]

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