Manufacturer and supplier of artificial and precast stone in Kent covering London and surrounding areas

We are a small, family run artificial stone manufacturer and supplier based in London. With nearly 40 years’ experience, you can ensure that our work is to the highest standards. We offer a range of products and services, such as glass reinforced concrete, precast concrete, cast stone & artificial stone. We can build or restore most structures to their former glory with our decorative and functional stone work, from small intricate enrichments to vast architectural works for clients.

We are based primarily in London, but cover other areas such as Scotland, Brighton & even Bermuda.  With an ever changing and consistently diverse product range, our cast stone & artificial stone products are made with the best quality and most up to date materials. We have recently begun to manufacture and supply glass reinforced concrete, a type of artificial stone which is an acrylic based product that can allow larger structures to be fixed with ease, placing less stress on the building that stone precast would.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of precast & artificial stone products to both commercial contractors, but also to the public. We craft bespoke artificial stone and precast stone pieces by using re-constituted stone dust and limestone chippings mixed with cements, dyes & sands.  This allows us to tailor our precast stone & artificial stone to our client’s requirements.

All our stone products are crafted to blend in with our existing stone work or can be made for new structures. Restoration is at the heart of what we do, many stone projects have been made with roman cement and soft bath stone, which has worn away and eroded after hundreds of years and weathering. Our artificial stone products can bring an old structure into the now, and keep its historical elegance, charm and heritage.

With nearly 40 years’ experience, you can trust in us to restore your building or structure to perfect condition. Get in touch on 01634 254664 to make an enquiry today.