Manufacturer and supplier of artificial and precast stone in Kent covering London and surrounding areas

Artificial Stone Company Ltd is a small, friendly firm founded in Swanscombe, Kent in 1991, now based outside Hoo, Rochester, Kent. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of artificial stone and precast stone work. We have nearly 40 years’ experience manufacturing and producing all types of decorative and functional artificial and precast stonework, ranging in scale from small intricate enrichment’s to vast architectural works.  In recent years we have manufactured and supplied artificial stonework to churches, and we take great pride in conserving our heritage.

Our work is mainly located in and around London but we can supply to anywhere, with jobs as far reaching as Scotland, Brighton, Isle of Wight and even Bermuda.

We are always looking to diversify our product range and to experiment with new skills and techniques in order to do this. The most recent product that we have started to use in manufacturing is GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete).

GRC is an acrylic based product mixed with crushed powders of stone, or pigment to produce a shell of what appears to be a solid piece of stone, re-enforced with layers of fibrous matting for strength. This has many benefits, for example, it enables large architectural units, such as the capitols at Kenwood House, to be fixed much easier. It also puts less stress on the building than a solid precast stone piece undoubtedly would.

Luckily, GRC also comes under the heading of artificial stone, so it is a product we are more than happy to endorse.   We are pleased to diversify into other products such as GRC, and are very proud and privileged to have been involved in all of the projects we have worked on.